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Smoke Daddy features music seven nights an about a week. You can find blues on Friday and Saturday regularly. Sunday, Wednesday and Thursday also show several blues acts. Check their calendar for updates as about the current month is included. Monday through Thursday feature food and drink special. Monday features $3.00 drafts. Tuesday has $6.00 Pulled Meat Nachos. Wednesday is $2.00 Miller products. Thursday has half price cheese burgers. Smoke Daddy is located at 1804 W. Division St. in Chicago. Phone number is (773) 772-MOJO.

Chicago and blues come together and no visit towards the ‘Windy City’ would be complete any trip to 1 of the city’s many blues venues. In North Side clubs such as Kingston Mines, or South Side venues such considering that Checkerboard or Lee’s Unleaded Blues, you can get to grips with the sounds Chicago invented within in the day – electric blues.

I soon developed an interest in the reputation rock and roll. The text “Rock and roll” were apparently first used in 1951 the Cleveland disk jockey called Alan Freed, and were taken from the song “My Baby Rocks Me with a comfortable Roll”. Diet plans . traditional in blues music history facts, which evolved ultimately 1950’s from rhythm and blues, to the terms “rock, roll, rock and roll, etc) to for you to sexual intercourse. Freed used the term to mean music using a raw, heavy, back beat in order to include whites as part audience.

From the mighty rockband Pink Floyd around the 70’s onwards, David Gilmour was huge influence towards the sounds of Pink Floyd through his spacey, heart trembling and subtle sounds that eases into you as you listen. Gilmour, is accentuate . rated guitar player. But through his large bends and slides of his smooth playing this is what makes Gilmour an extraordinarily unique beginner guitarist.

The rockabilly music scene featured some amazingly talented musicians. Talented, but again, not necessarily formally explained. This lack of formal musical training freed these talented teenagers to fly off in any musical direction that occurred to children. They took things everyone know you “couldn’t do” with music and they did the company. They broke rules and did it with glitter. Who would have thought you get country music zippy and combine it with rhythm and blues and make records that individuals would for you to listen to and seek? Maybe no one actually thought about it, but precisely the thing they did.

ODDS: Has anyone asked Andrew Luck if he’s willing perform for they? That franchise is just 50% in drafting can’t miss QB prospects utilizing first overall pick from the draft. The Elway thing didn’t work out, yet they got the Manning one right. Now is the third time another charm?

Guy Clark- No, I’m always writing for an exciting new album, and whenever I recieve enough songs, that’s after i make a list. So there is consistently one the particular works. It’s actually whenever I’ve the audio tracks.

Today’s pop charts can’t even conceivably tolerate that type of rawness. You won’t hear a mistake like those on a Pixie lott recording, I’m able to almost guarantee it. Today’s pop music is often so over produced on squeeze every last amount of raw goodness out of it. Maybe cat tower rockabilly music endures now almost 60 years later. Rockabilly fans love the raw sound. It’s the sound of passion. The sound of musicians doing the things they love and loving what they’re doing. Are modern fans too sophisticated for kind of of rawness? Maybe. But–judging by the resurgence and strength of the rockabilly scene throughout the field of today–maybe not. Maybe it’s precisely what modern fans want.and need!